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1 Meter Cat 6 UTP Patch Cord , EaseNet

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1 Meter Cat 6 UTP Patch Cord EaseNet

Key features;
  • High-quality Ethernet Network Cable with two RJ45 Connectors
  • Up to 1000Mps / Gigabit Ethernet Speed
  • Cat 6 patch codes  work with devices which have Ethernet Port such as the computers, laptops, network switches, Routers,  and Router modem and so on

1.5m RJ45 to vga DB9 Cisco Console Cable

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1.5m RJ45 to vga DB9 Cisco Console Cable

key features:
  • New Rs232 Db9 Connector To RJ45 Cat5 Ethernet Adapter Cable For Routers Network
  • Use this cable to connect your computer's RS232 9-Pin serial port to any router with a RJ45 Ethernet port.
  • This cable is 1.8m (approx 6 ft) in length and is compatible with Cisco routers, including the 600, 800, 1600, and 1700 series.
  • Connect your computer's serial port to the RJ45 console port on routers
  • Length: 1.5m (approx 5ft) from end to end
  • RS232 9-Pin to RJ45 Cat5 Ethernet
  • Compatible with Cisco routers, including the 600, 800, 1600, and 1700 series

1×16 PLC splitter

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1x16 PLC splitter

Key features;
  • Split Ratio: 1 x 16 (1 input, 16 output ports)
  • Splitter Type: PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitter
  • Wavelength Range: 1260-1650nm
  • Insertion Loss: ≤13.5dB
  • Uniformity: ≤1.0dB
  • Return Loss: ≥50dB
  • Connector Type: SC/APC (Angled Physical Contact)
  • Cable Type: 2.0mm ABS Box
  • Cable Length: 1.5m (input and output ports)
  • The 1x16 ABS box module type PLC Splitters have high performance in terms of low insertion loss, lowPDL, high return loss and excellent uniformity over a wide wavelength range from 1260nmto 1650nm and working in temperature from -40°C to +80°C
  • Application: Suitable for various fiber optic network architectures and deployments.
  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  •  High channel counts
  •  Large operating temperature range
  •  Customized packaging and configuration

48 Port CAT6 Patch Panel

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48 Port CAT6 Patch Panel

Key features;
  • Black painted steel panel.
  • Numbered ports.
  • White blanks for easy labeling and identification.
  • Color coded wiring diagram on back.
  • UL Listed.
  • 568A/B Compatible.
  • for 19″ wide racks.

48 Port Patch Panel CAT6

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key features;
  • Designed for use with CAT6 Patch Panels
  • 48 CAT6 Ports
  • Meets or Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-A and 568-B Standard
  • 110 Style Punch Down
  • 48 Dust Caps
  • 568-A/B Wiring Code
  • UL Listed
  • TAA Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant

50 Pieces S-TEK Networking Toolkit

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50 Pieces S-TEK Networking Toolkit

key features:
  • Reversible ratchet handle
  • 10 pc bit group
  • 5 pcs socket
  • Anti-static anti short wrist band
  • 6 pcs precision screwdriver
  • 4-1/2″ side cutter
  • 5″ long nose Piller
  • Flashlight
  • Rj 45 modular crimping tool
  • 8 pcs modular plug
  • Protection cap
  • Cable tie
  • Lan cable tester

5x150mm Cable Ties

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Key features;
  • Designed for bunching electric cables, data cables or wires
  • They are easy to add, remove and are completely reusable
  • Cuts easily to any length you need it to be
  • They are heat-resistant, insulate well and do not weaken or crack with age
  • They come with an easy to use self-locking catch, which minimizes the time you require to tidy your cables

5x250mm Cable Ties

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5x250mm Cable Ties Key features;
  • These natural tie zipper nylon use rounded edges to prevent damage with both hands.
  • Natural cable ties are generally used for binding and cable management applications.
  • High resistance cable arches for families, offices, garages, studios, etc. Nylon zippers are made of fire resistant materials

5x300mm Cable Ties

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5x300mm Cable Ties Key features;
  • Consists of a toothed nylon strip with a one-way ratcheting hole at one end.
  • You slide the pointed end into the hole and pull it tight, but it will not loosen up
  • Used widely bundling interior connecting wire of TV set, computer, home appliances, lamp decor, electric toy, etc. Also be used for fixing piping of mechanical machine or other things.

5x350mm Cable ties

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5x350mm Cable ties Key features;
  • 100% and high quality.
  • Easy to use, simply zip and snip.
  • Lots of plastic cable ties with self-locking teeth
  • Allow you to securely organize any group of cables or wires.
  • Practical can be reuse, keep your binding neat and organized.
  • Resistant to acid, corrosion, good insulation Anti-, with high tensile strength.
  • Widely used in shop, garage, home, office, etc.

8 x 400mm Cable ties

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8 x 400mm Cable ties Key features;
  • UV Protection: Yes
  • Material: Nylon 6/6 - General Purpose
  • UL Flame Rating: 94V-2
  • Size : 8x400mm
  • Easy Assembly & Convenient Adjustment

8mm Cable Clips

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8mm Cable Clips
Key features;
  • Ideal for use in computer and communication installations
  • Wall Hanging Screw Clips
  • Colour: White
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 8mm

8x350mm Cable ties

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8x350mm Cable ties Key features;
  • Material: nylon
  • Model Number: 8*350mm
  • Type: Self-Locking
  • Item: Cable Tie


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key features:
  • Waterproof Junction Box;Material: ABS,Rubber
  • : Outer Size: 255 x 200 x 80mm/10.2″ x 8″ x 3.2″(L*W*H); Inner Size(Approx.): 245 x 190 x 75mm/9.8″ x 7.6″ x 3″(L*W*H)
  • :IP65;Screw Thread Dia.: 4mm/0.16inch
  • Net Weight: 532g
  • 1 x Waterproof Junction Box;Some Rubber Grommets;Some Screws

Adapter LC/UPC Duplex SM

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Key features;
  • Fast and easy connection
  • Lightweight and durable plastic body
  • Integrated mounting clip that allows for easy snap-in installation
  • Ceramic alignment sleeve for high precision mating
  • A protective dust cap prevents the adapter from accumulating dust and keeps it clean
  • Color coded for rapid fiber mode identification, reduction of errors and mode mismatches.
  • Reduced signal loss
  • Adapters ship with standard plug-style dust caps
  • Available in multiple colors

BNC Connectors for CCTV Cameras

Original price was: KSh100.00.Current price is: KSh90.00. + VAT
item type: BNC connector Connectors: Terminal block, Male BNC Material: Zinc Alloy + Plastic Package Include: 1/2/5/10 X BNC connector

Cable / wire Stripper

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Cable / wire Stripper

Key features;
  • Usage: Stripping, Splitting
  • Well designed and delicately manufactured
  • Simple to use and easily deals with the most common size wires
  • Handles offer a soft & non-slip grip that reduces fatigue
  • Perfect insulating property ensures secure operation

Cable manager 1U- Generic

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Cable manager 1U- Generic

Key features;
  • The plastic cover slides off or can flip open and closed
  • Configured with 12 rings for easy cable management
  • 2RU 19″ Horizontal Management Rail
  • Fits any standard EIA 19′ server rack and cabinet
  • Comes with plastic sliding cover

Cable manager 2U Generic

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Cable manager 2U Generic

Key features;
  • Make your cable looms neat organized easy to manage and easy to troubleshoot with this all-metal 2U cable
  • Simply slip cables onto the hooks and route them to their destinations.
  • Length: 19.
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.

Cable tester 4 in 1 Generic

Original price was: KSh2,500.00.Current price is: KSh1,999.00. + VAT

Cable tester 4 in 1 Generic

Key features;
  • Can test RJ11/RJ45/USB/BNC cables
  • Detachable module for testing two remote points
  • Terminator 25 Ohm / 50 Ohm indications
  • Straight or crossover indication
  • Powered by 9V alkaline battery
  • Palm size with carrying bag
  • Automatic deactivation


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key features:
  • Brand new and high quality.RJ45 connectors modular plug with metal shield.
  • 8 pins network cable heads, plugs.
  • Plugs for UTP Cat5, Cat5e solid or stranded wire solid or stranded Cable.
  • Gold plated leads for better data transmitting and higher signal strength.

Cisco CBS350-48P-4G-EU Managed 48-port GE, PoE+ 370W, 4x1G SFP Switches

Original price was: KSh260,000.00.Current price is: KSh255,000.00. + VAT
key features
  • 48 x PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 4 x Gigabit SFP Ports
  • 104 Gb/s Switching Capacity
  • 77.38 Mpps Forwarding Rate
  • 800 MHz ARM Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Rack-Mountable Design
  • 370W Power Budget
  • Comprehensive Layer 2 & 3 Features
  • Works with Cisco Business Dashboard

Duct tape 2*20m blue

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Duct tape 2*20m blue Key features;
  •  Excellent for repairs due to strong ADHESIVE, seaming, sealing, bundling, labeling, crafting projects. High performance strength and SECURE BOND characteristics
  • VCR Duct Tape, Tears Easily using hand for fast and easy dispensing is made with Textile fibre with hot-melt adhesive coating which gives strong hold on the applied surfaces
  • It is perfect for household repair box sealing, bounding and everyday use
  • Waterproof Duct Tape For Domestic & Industrial Use


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Key features;
  • Connect your DVI equipped device to flat panel displays, digital CRT displays, projectors, HDTV and Video Projectors, including DFP and LCD types.
  • Gold plated DVI to DVI (24+1) connector for optimal conductivity.
  • Fully coated and shielded PVC outer layer for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference.
  • Fully compliant with DVI standard defined by DDWG (Digital Display Working Group).
  • Supports hot plugging of DVI devices and resolutions up to 1080p. Allows high speed digital transmission up to 4.95 GBPS.