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Transcend 1TB, 2.5″ SSD, SATA3, QLC

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  1. Capacity: 1TB - This indicates the storage capacity of the solid-state drive, which is 1 terabyte.
  2. Form Factor: 2.5" - The SSD is designed to fit into a standard 2.5-inch drive bay, making it suitable for use in laptops and desktops.
  3. Interface: SATA3 (SATA III) - This refers to the type of connection the SSD uses to communicate with the computer. SATA III is the third generation of the Serial ATA interface, providing faster data transfer rates compared to its predecessors.
  4. QLC (Quad-Level Cell) - QLC is a type of NAND flash memory technology used in SSDs. It stores four bits of data in each memory cell, allowing for higher storage capacities at a lower cost per gigabyte. However, QLC generally has lower performance and endurance compared to other NAND technologies like TLC (Triple-Level Cell) or MLC (Multi-Level Cell).