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Advanced ZL Bracket

Original price was: KSh2,300.00.Current price is: KSh2,200.00. + VAT
Key Features;
  • For 600 lbs. EM.Lock
  • Easy adjustable screw for mounting gaps
  • Dimension: (L Bracket) 250 (w) x 47 (h) x 30 (d) mm
(Z Bracket) 181 (w) x 95 (h) x 47~57 (d) mm
  • Weight: 600 g

Advanced ZL Bracket

Original price was: KSh1,600.00.Current price is: KSh1,500.00. + VAT
  • Material Selection: High Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finished Suitable for Door:  Inswing Door Opening Mode: 90 Degree Door Use with: Magnetic Lock: 350kgs Series Finished for Shell: Anodized aluminum  Weight: 0.75kg

Asenware AW-CSS2166-5 Fire Strobe Sounder

Original price was: KSh3,500.00.Current price is: KSh3,399.00. + VAT

Asenware AW-CSS2166-5 Fire Strobe Sounder

Key Features:
  •   Easy to install & wire.
  •   Equipment has also issued two kinds of sound and flash an alarm signal, even people with disabilities can be a timely response to evacuate.
  •  Automatic fire alarm system cannot identify the specific location of the   Sounds kind is non debugging, only one alarm sound choices.

Asenware Battery standalone smoke detector

Original price was: KSh3,444.00.Current price is: KSh3,000.00. + VAT

Asenware standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Key Features 
  • High adaptability to the ambient, with dustproof, mothproof, moisture proof and anti-white light function
  • Sound & Flash Alarm, low voltage indication, self-test Function

Asenware Smoke Detector AW-CSD311

Original price was: KSh2,500.00.Current price is: KSh2,000.00. + VAT

Asenware Smoke Detector AW-CSD311

Key Features:
  • Strong Adaptability For Circumstance
  • SMT Design, High Stability
  • 40-60vdc Wide Voltage Operating Range
  • Low Standby Current
  • Power Supply Non-Polarized input
  • Twin Led For 360 Visual
  • Flashing Led Power Indicator
  • Remote Led Indicator Output(2-Wire)
  • Metal Shield. Anti-Electromagnetic Interference
  • Smoke Detection:  it sense the presence of smoke particles in the surrounding environment.
  • Conventional (Two-Wire) Design: uses a conventional (two-wire) configuration.
  • Photoelectric Sensing Technology: utilizes photoelectric smoke sensing technology. When smoke enters the detection chamber, it scatters the light, triggering the alarm.
  • Alarm Signaling: When the smoke detector detects the presence of smoke, it triggers an alarm signal.
  • Visual Indication: it includes a visual indicator (typically an LED) that activates when the detector is in alarm mode.
  • Low Battery Indicator: it includes a low battery indicator, which signals when it’s time to replace the backup battery to ensure continued operation during power outages.
  • Temperature Rating:it is designed to operate within a specified temperature range, ensuring its reliability in various environmental conditions.
  • Mounting: Smoke detectors are typically ceiling-mounted in strategic locations throughout a building or facility. Proper placement is essential for effective smoke detection.
  • Compatibility: The AW-CSD311 is designed to be compatible with conventional fire alarm systems. It works in conjunction with other components, such as manual call points, heat detectors, and the fire alarm control panel.
  • Tamper Resistance: Smoke detectors are often designed to be tamper-resistant, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to disable or tamper with the device.
  • Compliance: The smoke detector is typically manufactured to meet relevant fire safety standards and regulations, ensuring its reliability and performance in fire detection.

Cash Drawer EPOS ECH 410

Original price was: KSh8,500.00.Current price is: KSh7,999.00. + VAT
Cash Drawer EPOS ECH 410 Key features;
  • Dimensions: 405* 410 *90 mm (W*L*H) or 15.9″ 16.1″ 3.5 (W*L*H)
  • Casing: Steel Construction
  • Front Panel: Metal
  • Bill Tray: Wire bill clips 5-bills
  • Coin Tray: Removable 3/4/5/6-coin
  • Media Slot: 1-Slot
  • Lockable Lid: Optional
  • Lock: 3- Position Key Lock
  • Micro Switch/Sensor: Yes
  • Durability: 1,000,000, operations
  • Colour: Ivory/Black/Customization
  • Net Weight: 5.5 Kgs


Original price was: KSh16,000.00.Current price is: KSh13,999.00. + VAT

  • Lock: Super Code Lock
  • Magnet Power: ≥ 9000 Gs
  • Detacher mounting: on the counter board (1 screw-bolt or glued) or built in (embedded) in the cash desk
  • Dimensions: on the counter board: Ø 92 x 37 mm built-in: Ø 70 mm, hole size: Ø 60 mm
  • Finish: chrome
  • Key for locking the detacher against unauthorized use

CoMET PIR Motion Sensor

Original price was: KSh1,600.00.Current price is: KSh1,499.00. + VAT

CoMET PIR Motion Sensor.

Key Features
  • Coverage 12m x 12m (40′ x 40′)
  • Easy installation
  • LED optical prism
  • Compact design for cost effective residential installations.

Dahua DHI-NKB1000 Network Control Keyboard

Original price was: KSh25,000.00.Current price is: KSh23,000.00. + VAT
Dahua DHI-NKB1000 Network Control Keyboard key features
  • Controls PTZ Cameras and DVRs
  • Controls Network Video Servers
  • Mono LCD Screen
  • Joystick for Quick Navigation
  • Auxiliary Functionality
  • USB Port

Electronic MBK-280U bracket

Original price was: KSh2,100.00.Current price is: KSh1,999.00. + VAT

Electronic MBK-280U bracket

  • Material: Electronic brackets can be constructed from various materials, including metal, plastic, or specialized alloys.
  • Mounting Options: Different mounting options, such as wall mounting, panel mounting, or rack mounting..
  • Size and Shape: The specific design and size of the bracket would depend on the electronic device or component it is intended to support.
  • Adjustability: Some brackets are adjustable or have swivel and tilt functions to provide flexibility in positioning electronic devices for optimal viewing or access.
  • Compatibility: Electronic brackets are designed to be compatible with specific electronic devices or equipment. For example, TV wall mounts, camera mounts, or vehicle-specific mounting brackets.
  • Load Capacity: The load capacity of the bracket is an important consideration, ensuring that it can safely support the weight of the electronic device.

EZVIZ 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA Junction Box.

Original price was: KSh1,450.00.Current price is: KSh1,400.00. + VAT

EZVIZ 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA Junction Box.

  • Waterproof
  • Double side and bottom interface
  • Works with EZVIZ C3C/C3S/ezTube.
  • Charging power cable and network cable.

Fire Blanket in PVC Package 1.2mx1.2m

Original price was: KSh2,600.00.Current price is: KSh2,499.00. + VAT

Fire Blanket in PVC Package 1.2mx1.2m.

Key Features: Size: The fire blanket is square-shaped and measures 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters (approximately 4 feet by 4 feet). This size is suitable for covering small fires or providing protection for individuals. Material: Fire blankets are typically made from fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass or other heat-resistant fabrics. These materials can withstand high temperatures and are designed to smother flames by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire. Packaging: The fire blanket is enclosed in a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) package or pouch. This packaging helps keep the fire blanket clean and protected from dust, debris, and environmental factors until it’s needed in an emergency.


Original price was: KSh7,000.00.Current price is: KSh6,899.00. + VAT


  • Fire Resistance: Fire cables are constructed with fire-resistant materials to withstand exposure to high temperatures and flames.
  • Length: The “90m Roll” indicates that the cable comes in a roll with a length of 90 meters. This length provides flexibility for installation in various settings.
  • Conductors: The cable likely contains multiple conductors, which are used to carry electrical signals between different components of the fire safety system.
  • Insulation: Fire cables are insulated to prevent short circuits and to protect the conductors from environmental factors and potential damage.
  • Sheathing: The cable is encased in a protective sheath that provides additional protection against physical damage, moisture, and environmental factors.
  • Color Coding: Fire cables often come in specific colors to indicate their purpose and role within the fire safety system.
  • Certifications: Reliable fire cables should adhere to industry standards and certifications to ensure they meet safety requirements and can perform effectively during fire events.
  • Compatibility: The fire cable might be compatible with various fire alarm control panels, detectors, sensors, and other fire safety devices.

Garrett hand held metal detector

Original price was: KSh3,000.00.Current price is: KSh2,800.00. + VAT
Garrett hand held metal detector. Key Features:
  • Hand Held Highly Sensitivity Metal Detector
  • With Rechargeable Battery
  • Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours continuously
  • LED Lighting with audio alert and vibration
  • High Sensitivity Garrett Super Scanner Hand Held Gold Metal Detector.
  • For Security Detectors.

Graphic LCD keypads KM24A and KM24G-KM24.3

Original price was: KSh7,700.00.Current price is: KSh7,500.00. + VAT
FeaturesKM20BKM24KM24AKM24GKM25, KM25c
Product typeAlarm system moduleAlarm system moduleAlarm system moduleAlarm system moduleAlarm system + access control module
On-Board zones2222-
On-Board PGM-1 (open collector up to 15 mA)-
Ambient temperature measurement--YesYes-
Integrated proximity tag reader----Yes (on Stage 2)
Maximum cards (transponder/tag)2000 (on Stage 2)
LCD type2 rows 16 symbols eachGraphic: 128 x 64 dotsGraphic: 128 x 64 dotsGraphic: 240 x 120 dotsGraphic: 240 x 120 dots   KM25 - mono LCD KM25c - color LCD
Keys in keypad2024242425
Programmable fast keys (F-Keys)3232323232 (on Stage 2)
Data bus protocolKRBUSKRBUSKRBUSKRBUSKRBUS, wireless KRBUS (on Stage 3)

Hamster IV – SecuGen

Original price was: KSh14,500.00.Current price is: KSh12,500.00. + VAT

nFingerprint Sensor: The Hamster IV typically features a high-quality optical fingerprint sensor capable of capturing accurate and clear fingerprint images.

  1. Durable Construction: Similar to other SecuGen products, the Hamster IV is designed with a durable and robust construction suitable for various environments.
  2. High-Resolution Imaging: The device is likely to provide high-resolution fingerprint imaging for reliable and precise biometric authentication.
  3. Compatibility: The Hamster IV is expected to be compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and possibly Android. It may also support various programming languages and interfaces.
  4. Software Development Kit (SDK): SecuGen typically provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for their fingerprint devices. The SDK allows developers to integrate the Hamster IV into their applications for biometric authentication purposes.
  5. Applications: Common applications for the Hamster IV include access control, time and attendance tracking, secure logins, and other scenarios where fingerprint authentication is required.
  6. Standards Compliance: The device is likely designed to comply with industry standards to ensure interoperability with other biometric systems and applications.
  7. Plug and Play: Like other SecuGen devices, the Hamster IV is expected to be user-friendly, allowing for easy installation and usage.

Hamster Pro 20 – SecuGen

Original price was: KSh17,000.00.Current price is: KSh14,999.00. + VAT

  1. Fingerprint Sensor: The device is equipped with a high-performance optical fingerprint sensor that captures accurate and clear fingerprint images.
  2. Durable Design: Like other SecuGen products, the Hamster Pro 20 is built with a rugged and durable design, suitable for different environments.
  3. High-Resolution Imaging: The fingerprint sensor is capable of capturing high-resolution images, contributing to reliable and precise fingerprint recognition.
  4. Compatibility: The Hamster Pro 20 is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Android. It also supports different programming languages and interfaces such as Java, .NET, and C++.
  5. Software Development Kit (SDK): SecuGen typically provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to integrate the Hamster Pro 20 into their applications. This facilitates the development of custom solutions for different use cases.
  6. Applications: The device is commonly used in applications requiring secure biometric authentication, including access control, time and attendance tracking, healthcare, and financial services.
  7. Standards Compliance: The Hamster Pro 20 is designed to comply with industry standards to ensure interoperability with other biometric systems and applications.
  8. Plug and Play: It is often designed to be user-friendly, allowing for straightforward installation and usage.

HID Digital Persona U4500 Fingerprint

KSh0.00 + VAT

Pixel resolution: 512 dpi (average x, y over the scan area) •  Scan capture area: 14.6 mm (nom. width at center) 18.1 mm (nom. length) • 8-bit grayscale (256 levels of gray) •  Reader size (approximate):      65 mm x 36 mm x 15.56 mm •  Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (Full Speed) specifications

MODUS RF30 Trasmitter & Receiver

Original price was: KSh127,000.00.Current price is: KSh124,999.00. + VAT

 RF based 8,2 MHz article surveillance system offering Smart Sensitivity Control, which results in excellent detection of hard tags and paper labels and less false alarming in challenging store environments.

• Robust anodized aluminum frame • Premium detection in challenging environments • Smart Sensitivity Control (auto-tune) • Selectable buzzer melodies • Multicolor alarm lights • Jammer detection • Remote service and management information

Panic Button with key PB-28B

Original price was: KSh800.00.Current price is: KSh700.00. + VAT

Panic Button with key PB-28B

Key features;
  • panic button, reset with key
  • Housing: ABS, white
  • Size:86*86*32mm
  • Voltage:12VDC/24VDC
  • Carrying Current:0.3A
  • Output: NO & NC (normally open & normally closed)
  • Package:1 pcs/box, 200PCS/carton

Panoramic bulb camera ES-WP400VA 1080P V380

Original price was: KSh4,000.00.Current price is: KSh3,500.00. + VAT

Panoramic bulb camera ES-WP400VA 1080P V380

Key features;
  • Panoramic bulb Camera Resolution: 1080p Full HD.
  • Field of View  span 180 to 360 degrees.
  •  Camera Placement.
  • Installation.
  • Connectivity.
  • Mobile App.
  • Motion Detection.
  • Two-Way Audio.
  • Night Vision.


Original price was: KSh20.00.Current price is: KSh15.00. + VAT

  • Quantity: Sold in 2 rolls of 1000 labels.
  • Technology: RF 8.2Mhz
  • Color: White with barcode
  • Size: 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Condition: Brand new product
  • UPC: 684334509493

Pinhole HD Mini Camera Hidden WDM-AHD6405B

Original price was: KSh4,000.00.Current price is: KSh3,499.00. + VAT

Pinhole HD Mini Camera Hidden WDM-AHD6405B

Key features;
  • Model: WDM-AHD6405B
  • Camera Type: Pinhole HD Mini Camera Resolution: The specific resolution can vary, but it’s likely to offer at least HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolution, providing clear and detailed video footage.
  •  Lens Type: Pinhole Lens
  • Hidden Design: The camera is designed to be discreet and hidden, often making it suitable for covert surveillance scenarios where the camera’s presence needs to be minimized.
  •  Compact Size: Mini cameras are compact in size, allowing them to be easily hidden in small spaces or integrated into various objects.
  • Technology: AHD (Analog High Definition) – AHD cameras transmit high-definition video over standard coaxial cables.
  • Mounting:  It’s often mounted within objects or surfaces to keep it discreet.
  •  Low Light Performance: Depending on the model, the camera might include low-light or infrared capabilities to capture clear video even in dimly lit environments.
  •  Remote Access.

Plastic Door Magnetic contact

Original price was: KSh600.00.Current price is: KSh400.00. + VAT
Plastic Door Magnetic contact Key features; 1. Components: A plastic door magnetic contact typically consists of two main components: a reed switch and a magnet. 2. Installation: The reed switch is mounted on the door or window frame, while the magnet is placed on the door or window itself. 3. Magnetic Operation. 4. Open/Closed Status: The state of the reed switch contacts (open or closed) . 5. Wiring: The reed switch is connected to the security or access control system’s control panel using low-voltage wiring. 6. Material and Design: Has  plastic casing . 7. Compatibility. 8. Applications: Magnetic contacts are used in various applications. 9. Normally Closed (NC) or Normally Open (NO).