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ACLAS CS3X Weighing Scale

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  1. Precision Weighing: The CS3X series is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements for various weighing needs.
  2. Capacity and Readability: It comes in different models with varying capacity and readability to suit different requirements. The capacity refers to the maximum weight the scale can measure, while readability is the smallest increment in weight that the scale can display.
  3. Display: The scale typically features a digital display that shows the weight readings. The display may include additional information such as unit of measurement, tare weight, and more.
  4. Functionality: The CS3X series may have additional functions such as taring (zeroing the scale with a container on it), accumulation of weights, and other features depending on the specific model.
  5. Communication Interfaces: Some models may have communication interfaces like RS232 or USB, allowing the scale to be connected to other devices, such as computers or point-of-sale systems.
  6. Application: Aclas CS3X scales are often used in various industries, including retail, grocery stores, markets, and other settings where accurate weighing is essential.


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New Aproved KRA Device Operator display 64*384, 5-line LCD, & Customer display with backlight Weighing Range 6/15kg; 15/30kg; Paper type – Label/ thermal paper/ lineless label(optional) Paper width – 61.5 /-0.5mm, Roll diameter – Max Φ 90mm (max inner Φ 28mm); Max Φ 801mm (max inner Φ 40mm) printing speed – 150mm/s Barcode – EAN13, EAN18, 2/5 interleaved, code 128, QR code