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Wi-fi camera ES-WP608XM bulb

KSh3,999.00 + VAT
WiFi camera ES-WP608XM bulb. Key Features This camera offers you a 360-degree viewing angle, full horizontal and vertical coverage with a high-definition image 1080HD shooting, day and night, infrared night vision 10 meters.  Control your home security from your smartphone anywhere anytime with our easy.

Wifi Cloud Camera BS-IP02L Pinhole

KSh6,500.00 + VAT

Wifi Cloud Camera BS-IP02L Pinhole.

Key Features:
  •   Resolution: The specific resolution can vary, but it’s likely to offer at least HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolution, providing clear and detailed video footage.
  • Lens Type: Pinhole Lens.
  • Connectivity: WiFi-enabled –The camera connects to your local WiFi network, allowing you to access the camera remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  •  Cloud Storage: This type of camera often includes cloud storage capabilities, which means that recorded video footage can be securely stored in the cloud.
  • Hidden Design: The camera is designed to be discreet and hidden, making it suitable for covert surveillance scenarios where the camera’s presence needs to be minimized.
  • Compact Size: Mini cameras are compact in size, allowing them to be easily hidden in small spaces or integrated into various objects.
  • Mobile App: Manufacturers typically provide a mobile app that allows you to remotely access the camera’s live feed and recorded footage using your smartphone or tablet.
  •  Low Light Performance: Depending on the model, the camera might include low-light or infrared capabilities to capture clear video even in dimly lit environments.

Wifi Panaroma camera ES-WP608XM bulb.

KSh4,000.00 + VAT

Wifi Panoroma camera ES-WP608XM bulb.

Key Features:
  • Field of View: Panoramic bulb cameras typically offer a wide-angle field of view, often spanning 180 to 360 degrees, capturing a complete view of the surroundings.
  •  Resolution: The camera is likely to offer a certain resolution, such as 1080p Full HD, providing clear and detailed video footage.
  •  Design: A WiFi Panoramic Bulb Camera is designed to resemble a regular light bulb, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its environment while providing surveillance coverage.
  • Camera Placement: The camera is integrated into the bulb itself, often positioned at the center of the bulb’s base.
  • Installation: The panoramic bulb camera is screwed into a standard light socket, replacing a traditional light bulb.
  •  Connectivity: WiFi-enabled.