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ZL Bracket Lock ZL-BRACKET-180

KSh2,000.00 + VAT
Material Selection: High Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finished Suitable for Door:  Inswing Door Opening Mode: 90 Degree Door Use with: Magnetic Lock: 350kgs Series Finished for Shell: Anodized aluminum Weight: 0.75kg Potential Applications: The use of a bracket can vary widely depending on its design and intended purpose. Some common applications for brackets include:
  1. Shelf Support Bracket: Brackets can be used to support shelves on walls or within cabinets.
  2. TV Mount Bracket: Brackets secure televisions to walls or mounts.
  3. Furniture Assembly: They are frequently used in furniture assembly, such as attaching legs to tables or chairs.
  4. Construction and Architecture: In construction, brackets may be used to secure structural elements or join building components.
  5. Automotive Industry: Brackets are used in vehicles to support various components and systems.
  6. Electronics Mounting: Brackets can secure electronic devices or components within enclosures or on walls.