Non- touch Exit & Emergency Button

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Non- touch Exit & Emergency Button

key features

  • New version of DS-K7P03, there is “/T” in the label
  • Stainless steel panel, Led Indicator
  • Dimension(L×W×H): 86×86×25.7mm(3.39×3.39×1.01″
  • Current Rating; 1 A@30 VDC
  • Output Contact; NO/NC/COM contact
  • Suitable Doors; All kinds of narrow doorframes


1. Infrared Sensor Technology: The DS-K7P03 utilizes infrared (IR) sensor technology to detect the presence of a person’s hand or body within its activation range. When a person approaches the sensor area, it triggers an exit request.

2. No Physical Contact Required: Users do not need to physically touch a button or surface to request exit. Instead, the sensor detects their presence, making it a hygienic and convenient option.

3. Adjustable Sensing Range: The sensor’s detection range is typically adjustable to suit different installation requirements. This allows flexibility in determining how close a person needs to be for the sensor to activate.

4. Exit Request Signal: When someone approaches the sensor within the preset detection range, it sends an exit request signal to the access control system or door controller. This signal triggers the door or gate to temporarily unlock or open to allow egress.

5. LED Indicator Lights: Some models may include LED indicator lights to provide visual feedback. These lights may indicate the sensor’s status, such as standby or activation.

6. Tamper Detection: For added security, contactless exit buttons often include tamper detection features to alert security personnel if someone tries to tamper with or damage the sensor.

7. Mounting Options: The DS-K7P03 is designed for easy wall mounting, typically near exit doors or gates. It should be installed at a height that makes it easily accessible to individuals.

8. Compatibility: This contactless exit button is designed to work seamlessly with Hikvision’s access control systems and devices. It should be compatible with Hikvision controllers and access control software.

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