Asenware Battery standalone smoke detector

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Asenware standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Key Features 

  • High adaptability to the ambient, with dustproof, mothproof, moisture proof and anti-white light function
  • Sound & Flash Alarm, low voltage indication, self-test Function

Asenware standalone smoke detector AW-SSD606D

Key Features 

  • High adaptability to the ambient,with dustproof,mothproof,moisture proof and anti-white light function
  • Sound & Flash Alarm,low voltage indication,self-test Function



  1. Smoke Detection: it detects the presence of smoke in its vicinity.
  2. Stand-Alone Operation: It is a self-contained unit that can be installed in various locations without the need for extensive integration.
  3. Photoelectric Sensing Technology: it uses photoelectric smoke sensing technology.
  4. Loud Audible Alarm: it emits a loud audible alarm (often a siren or horn) to alert people in the vicinity to evacuate the area immediately.
  5. Battery-Powered: Some models may have long battery life or low-battery alerts to ensure reliable operation.
  6. Test Button: These detectors often come with a test button that allows users to manually check the functionality of the device and verify that it is operational.
  7. Easy Installation: No complex wiring is required.
  8. Suitable for Various Environments:  can be installed in a range of indoor environments, including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, offices, and storage areas.
  9. Compliance: The product may comply with relevant safety standards and certifications, depending on the region and manufacturer.
  10. Interconnection:  can be interconnected wirelessly, allowing them to communicate with each other.
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